Landing your desired job is no easy task. But if you master these simple professional tactics, you may just find it is easier than you think. Below are three tips to improving your candidacy by simply being more professional.

Professional and Positive Attitude.

A recent survey shows just how important a positive attitude can be for job candidate. According to CERIC’s recent 2014 Environics national survey, almost two-thirds of Canadian executives were willing to hire an employee who demonstrated the desired soft skills, without having the technical knowledge for the job. That is, employers were pleased to hire someone with a positive attitude, good communication ability, and a strong work ethic; and willing to train them afterwards on their lacking technical skills. However, 66% of the businesses surveyed had difficulty finding candidates with these “soft skills.”  As a job candidate, letting your positive attitude shine though may just land you the job, even if you do not feel technically qualified for the position.

Professional and Clear Communication.

It is also important to practice professionalism when speaking with a potential employer. Whether speaking over the phone, via email, or in person, it is always essential to communicate in a manner that shows maturity, respect, and professionalism. This shows the employer that you are serious about the position and have the ability to communicate professionally on the job.

For example, when meeting a potential employer in person, a firm handshake, clean attire, and a confident look into the employer’s eyes all serve to create a good first impression. When communicating over email, including a subject line, brief introduction, and reason why you are interested in working with the company can increase the likelihood of a response back from a potential employer.

Professional Social Media Presence.

While the resume is still the most common resource for learning about a job candidate, employers are undeniably aware that there is other sources information that can be easily accessed through the internet.  With social media dominating our society today, many job seekers have profiles that are present on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media sites. Increasingly, employers are using social media, in particular LinkedIn, to source candidates for open positions.

As a job candidate, having a profile that is professional, respectable, and current can increase your likelihood of being picked up by recruiters and landing a job. Removing any inappropriate photos or posts and replacing them with a professional photo and periodic posts from your field of interest can improve your social media image when seeking for a job. 

Professional Focus and Goal Setting.

Great tips to get you where you want to go are only optimized if you know where you are going! That is why it is important to have a clear focus of the type of job you are interested in, the industry, as well as what you are looking for in a company. A job hunt is more likely to be successful if you are going after positions that are a “fit”. That is, if your skills match the role and if it fits in your determined career path, you will be more likely not only to obtain an interview, but also to speak confidently about how the role matches your career goals and professional focus. So why not take time to step back and examine where you are now, what you have to offer, and what you want to learn in a role in order to advance in your career. If you are uncertain about how to create a career plan, seeking support from a mentor, career development practitioner, professor, or even your peers, can help you formulate a professional focus and strategy for goal setting.