Cindy Hussey


Cindy Hussey has 30-plus years of public and private sector executive leadership, executive recruitment and development, and strategic human resource management experience in the marine, air, and road transportation, infrastructure,  health, and community services, human resource management, labor, and employment, and education sectors. Through her senior leadership roles, Cindy has successfully implemented innovative human resource initiatives in support of business goals, partnered with senior leaders to manage major change initiatives, and developed strategies to address the learning and development, recruitment and retention, and safety needs of the workforce.

Cindy believes it is critical that evidence-based human resource policies and programs reflect our changing demographics, geographical challenges, and evolving technology, and through those considerations, she has led the development, implementation, and evaluation processes.  Regardless of the sector, Cindy focuses on the client and works toward the establishment of strategic human resource management programs that enable entities to deliver their services through the recruitment and development of qualified employees within a safe and healthy work environment.  Cindy has worked closely with union partners, interprovincial industry committees, as well as colleagues within the provincial public service and private sector to research best practices and determine how we can be innovative in the delivery of services, particularly where service delivery is geographically dispersed throughout the Province.

Cindy holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Cooperative) degree from Memorial University and has completed coursework at Queen’s University in Change Management and Labour Relations.  She has led the development and delivery of and participated in a variety of executive professional development initiatives and is a past National Board Member of the International Personnel Management Association – Canada.