Dr. Susan Murray


Susan’s reputation as a facilitator, leader, and researcher is widely known both within Canada and globally. She is the team lead for the public sector excellence assessment in the United Arab Emirates in the areas of Human Capital, Innovation, and Leadership. She led the development of the senior leadership assessment process, including the redesign of the model. Her work with public sector organizations in Newfoundland and across Canada aligns leadership with strategy, with a focus on employee engagement and development. She has designed and led leadership development programs for international clients, including mentoring and emerging leader programs.  

Susan is a sought-after mentor, working with national organizations such as Women In Leadership and G(irls)20, engaging with women leaders who strive to attain new roles and sit at the board table. Susan combines her research with her practical experience to create an impact within organizations and teams. Along with her consultancy, she is an Adjunct Professor at Memorial University and Humber College, where she lectures on Global Leadership, Organizational Leadership, and HRM.  

Susan is Chair of the Kids Eat Smart Foundation NL, leading the organization through a revised strategy and vision while working closely with government and senior leaders to engage them as stewards and active stakeholders. She performs pro bono and voluntary work with G(irls)20, Women In Leadership Canada, the Canadian Arab Institute, and Henley Business School. She has served on the Board of Regents for Memorial University NL. Susan received her Masters in Leadership (Education) from Memorial University and her Doctorate in Business Administration (Leadership) from Henley Business School.

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