Engaged employees are statistically more productive than their peers. If you want to focus on performance, wellbeing, or leadership development, you must first consider how your employees are engaged every day in both their work and the workplace. The pandemic has been a catalyst in disrupting how we work. Being out of the office, working from home, and not maintaining a typical work routine can have a large impact on how connected and engaged we feel with our work.

Did you know that worldwide, only about 20% of employees are engaged at work? This could be the case for numerous reasons; lack of purpose within the company, stagnation, no alignment with the company’s goals, etc. Fluctuations in levels of employee engagement are to be expected within a company culture that is continuously changing, but low engagement rates should not stick around forever. There are four key pillars of employee engagement;

No matter the circumstance, our team of HR professionals is here to help you improve employee engagement within your workplace. We can help you build both knowledge and strategies for your workplace to create an engaging culture that is a win-win for both employees and the business.

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