Managing people in today’s environment has never been more challenging.  Good HR Consulting, Policies, and Strategies as well as exceptional onboarding ease this complex aspect of business for organizations.  Our team of HR professionals are leaders in developing these policies and enabling organizations to take the guesswork out of many new frontiers that we face as employers today. Employment laws are changing regularly and we are on point and keeping pace with the shifts in the marketplace to ensure you are compliant.

A happy, well-informed workplace leads to productivity and profitability.  Set the stage for success by implementing proven strategies today.  An assessment to uncover where you are and establish your goals will determine and prioritize the best go forward plans where we can devise an HR plan specific to your needs and your budget. Well-designed and well-communicated plans reduce turnover, they establish clear operational procedures and expectations and all this works to minimize workplace conflict.

A compensation analysis will ensure you are competitive across similar industries thus boosting your ability to attract the best people.

Leadership and resource planning is an effective growth strategy. Let’s connect and talk this through and identify the next best hire to enable your company to reach its full potential.  Performance management and key indicators are the best tools to maintain momentum and build your business Mental Health is at an all-time low.  Let us assist you in the development of programs to ensure your workplace is taking care of the whole person.

We are pleased to provide HR On Call Service for smaller businesses who can not rationalize the expense of a full-time HR person or department.  A small retainer ensures that you have the benefits of our expertise at your fingertips as needed.

Letting someone go is the worst but Higher Talent can help you and ease the rejection of termination with Career Transitioning. By offering a coach to assist with resume development and exploration of skills, we can ease the path to new employment.