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We help employers find the right talent and build high-performing teams. We do this by using a collaborative approach to understand the needs of the employer and the people that work there.

We work with many different types of organizations. From small to medium-sized businesses – we provide human resources management solutions for all!

We know what success looks like and you reap the benefits of our deep knowledge. Our team of experienced, certified HR professionals are ready to assist you drive your success.

Our team of expert recruiters can assist you and your business with:

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Recruitment Services we Offer in Halifax

People define our organizations and businesses. Attracting top talent is key to our fluid economy, retaining them is more important and setting them up for success is where the magic lies. Whether you are seeking recruitment services within Halifax, Nova Scotia, or elsewhere, let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Working with Jump Recruitment Specialists, Genoa Design International has been able to fill a number of key positions in the company. The staff at Jump made it a priority to get a full understanding of our specific recruitment needs. They have been very responsive, reliable and proficient throughout the entire recruitment process. We appreciate the contributions Jump has made to the amazing team we have at Genoa Design International.

Gina Pecore, Partner/Chief Executive Officer, Genoa Design International

We’ve used Jump for several key hires.  As a rapidly growing tech company in a hyper-competitive job market, and with very high standards for talent and fit, recruitment is extremely difficult.  Jump has never failed to deliver exceptional team members that continue to contribute greatly to our technical and market success

Craig Rowe, CEO and Founder, ClearRisk Inc

CHANNAL approached Higher Talent / Jump to recruit for a new Executive Director – a position requiring a very specific fit, and for which we held a very high standard to fill. As a Board of Directors, we had identified that the scope of this recruitment process was outside of our abilities to complete on our own, so we turned to Jump. They were fabulous to work with – incredibly responsive to our feedback and needs, very reliable, and generally offering an excellent process for a group that had never used an external recruitment agency before. They helped us find great candidates and ultimately an ideal fit and made the whole process a relative breeze. It was a complete pleasure to work with them, and we would highly recommend them to anyone!

Abigail Sheppard, Board of Directors President, CHANNAL

Get to Know our Halifax Recruitment Team

Higher Talent Inc. is a Human Resources consulting firm servicing the Halifax, Nova Scotia region. When selecting a firm to represent your company, you need a team you can trust. Higher Talent has experience recruiting for organizations across Canada. While we are headquartered in Newfoundland and Labrador, our reach extends well beyond our province.

By working with us, our clients save time and money by making informed HR and recruitment decisions with support and confidence.  

As a team, we live by our core values both internally and in our personal lives.  Simply stated:  

  1. We do the right thing 
  2. We own our commitments 
  3. We always provide value 
  4. We care about people 
  5. We listen and learn 

 We want to be the company that everyone wants to work with! By clearly stating these 5 simple values, we empower our employees to always act ethically, strategically, and in the best interest of our long-term relationships with clients and candidates.

Industries we Work With

We specialize in helping businesses in the following industries with their recruitment needs:

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