Jump Recruitment is a division of Higher Talent – building winning teams is our specialty. We have put together a team of certified recruiters who are savvy people finders when it comes to filling your permanent placement needs. We have developed winning strategies to find the most optimal candidates to help you build your power team.

Having a dedicated team is imperative to the overall success of a company. Driven employees will continue to keep the ball rolling on sales, new leads, etc. therefore, it is vital to choose the right people. “Employees are not just a company’s backbone, they are its life force. Your team should always be a top priority” – Kealan Delaney, CEO at Delmec. We can help you find your perfect team today!

permanent placement

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Together we will explore and analyze your needs, complete an assessment and ensure we understand your specific needs, the desired cultural fit, and other relevant information for your permanent placement. This process informs our search and the strategy we implement on your behalf to attract top talent.

Once we filter through the talent pool, we narrow down the selection keeping salary expectations, capabilities, education, and other notable factors top of mind. We can then establish a series of support to seamlessly guide you through to your final selection

  • Professional profiles and summary on each candidate
  • Facilitate the interview process
  • Collaborate on background checks, negotiations and assist in preparing a letter of offer.
  • We advise those who were not selected.
  • Communicate with you and the candidate prior to starting and during the onboarding period as well as follow up at regular intervals

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