At Higher Talent, we recognize that some recruitment needs are urgent but temporary.  Whether you are looking to hire for a seasonal position, you have a temporary spike in work or you are searching for highly specialized skillset, Higher Talent can help.  Higher Talent can provide skilled resources for seasonal or causal work, fixed-terms, as well as project or task-based contracts. Choosing Higher Talent to fulfill your temporary placement needs saves your company time, money, and energy.

There are several advantages of using our temporary placement service:

  1. Flexibility – With access to a larger network of job seekers, our recruiters can provide our clients with the skills and experience they need.
  2. Speed – We are constantly recruiting. With our level of expertise in hiring trends, job knowledge, and HR best practices, we can match you with a qualified candidate on demand.
  3. Peace of Mind – Finding qualified people is what we do. In addition to matching a skillset, all our resources go through extensive background screening to ensure alignment with your core values.
  4. Options for Permanent Hire – Temporary placement is an excellent method for trialing potential full-time candidates. Assessing an employee’s knowledge, skills, and abilities in actual time can identify potential talent for future positions within your organization.
  5. Relief for Your Team – When an employee is temporarily absent, the rest of your team often picks up the slack. Hiring a temporary employee can alleviate extra stress from your existing employees, preventing burnout and improving productivity.
  6. Less Administration – We make the process simple and cost-effective. Our temporary resources work for you, but they are employed by Higher Talent.  We take care of the payroll, mandatory deductions, insurances, and employee benefits costs.